100% Legal

Mag. Arthur Machac, Top 10 Anwalt laut Format Ranking 2015, confirms: "The cultivation of hemp garden plants for tea production is 100% legal. But why is it possible to legally grow the potent hemp plants from Hemp Garden - even though they are not THC-free commercial hemp plants? Quite simply. By law, only cultivation for the purpose of "drug production" is prohibited. However, the hemp plants from Hemp Garden are exclusively intended for the production of tea or for cooking and baking. As long as you keep your plant constantly under 18 hours of light, it will not start to flower.

Simple, legal and clean

If you notice that your plant does start to flower because of too little light - just relax! You can simply dispose of it. Even if you can already see the flowers on the plant, you still have plenty of time. The plant does not contain any psychoactive THC at this point. You can easily dispose of it in the nearest organic waste bin. Simple, legal and clean. 100 percent hemp garden. Just one more thing: If someone intends to obtain "addictive substances" from our plants, a criminal liability will be established according to the Austrian Narcotic Substances Act. If this is recognisable to us, the purchase contract will be denied or an already concluded purchase contract will be cancelled.