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  1. Plagron Seedbox
    Plagron Seedbox
  2. Organic Bizz Top Max
    Organic Bizz Top Max
  3. BioBizz pH- 500ml
    BioBizz pH- 500ml
  4. Plagron Sugar Royal
    Plagron Sugar Royal
    As low as €27.90
  5. Plagron Vita Race - 500ml
    Plagron Vita Race - 500ml
  6. Plagron Bat Guano Bat dung
    Plagron Bat Guano Bat dung
  7. Plagron Terra Bloom
    Plagron Terra Bloom
    As low as €12.90
  8. Plagron Terra Grow 1000ml
    Plagron Terra Grow
    As low as €12.90
  9. Plagron Green Sensation
    Plagron Green Sensation
    As low as €22.90
  10. Plagron Alga Bloom
    Plagron Alga Bloom
    As low as €10.90
  11. Plagron Alga Grow
    Plagron Alga Grow
    As low as €6.90
  12. Hesi Boost
    Hesi Boost
    As low as €12.90
  13. Hesi Phosphorus Plus
    Hesi Phosphorus Plus
    As low as €6.90
  14. Hesi TNT Complex
    Hesi TNT Complex
    As low as €8.60
  15. Hesi Bloom Complex
    Hesi Bloom Complex
    As low as €8.60
  16. Hesi Power Zyme
    Hesi Power Zyme
    As low as €11.60
  17. Hesi Root Complex
    Hesi Root Complex
    As low as €17.90
  18. Hesi Super Vit
    Hesi Super Vit

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A cannabis plant needs these nutrients

There is no general rule which cannabis fertilizer your plant needs in order to thrive. Plant fertilizer consists partly of macro- and micronutrients, but the right choice depends on the cannabis strain you have. Even different phenotypes of the same plant can have different needs in terms of nutrient supply. However, the three essential nutrients for cannabis are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. This trio corresponds to the N:P:K ratio that you find on Grow fertilizers. The micronutrients are only needed in small amounts, but it is still important to supply the plant with them. In addition to the three essential components of a good cannabis fertilizer, there are also trace elements in the fertilizer that meet the needs of a cannabis plant. These are, boron, sulfur, zinc and a few other elements. However, these are only found in extremely small amounts. Especially calcium and magnesium are important micronutrients, which every grower should consider with his grow fertilizer. If you grow your plants in special cannabis soil, you are usually on the safe side. With hydroponics or coconut fibres, however, preventive measures must be taken. In this case it is not advisable to wait for the first deficiency symptoms of the plant.
Duenger Hanf

Fertilizer for hemp - how to do it right

So that nothing goes wrong when fertilizing your cannabis plant, we would like to go back to the NPK ratio. There is a basic rule that you should follow if you want to do everything right. As already mentioned, the NPK ratio is composed of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). And depending on the ratio of these components, the supply of fertilizer in a certain growth phase is better or worse for your plant. For example, if you use a Grow fertilizer with a NPK ratio of 4/2/3, this means that the ratio contains more nitrogen. This in turn means that this hemp fertilizer is particularly suitable for the growth phase. With a ratio of 2/3/4, for example, the fertilizer contains more phosphorus and potassium, which makes this Grow Fertilizer ideal for the flowering phase of a cannabis plant.

Buy cannabis fertilizer - you should pay attention

When buying your cannabis fertilizer there are a few things you need to know. One of the most important points in this regard is the soil. What kind of soil do you use to grow your plants? Because not every fertilizer can be used with every kind of potting soil. Organic soil, for example, can only be combined with organic fertilizer. It is also important to pay attention to the quality of the particular grow fertilizer and that it is suitable for growing cannabis plants. This is because the nutrients can interact with each other. So some of them can only be absorbed in dependence of others. Not all types of fertilizer are suitable for cannabis plants. Furthermore, it is not recommended to buy fertilizers from discounters, because most of them contain nutrients that are chemically bound to each other in a "low quality" way. This means that the nutrients can only be absorbed very poorly or not at all by the plant. Fertilizer for hemp should also be available for both the growth and the flowering phase. This means that a manufacturer who only sells fertilizers for the growth phase is less suitable, as the fertilizers should be coordinated in the best case.

Cannabis cultivation - these are the most important factors

Besides points like touching germinating cannabis seeds, poor quality of cannabis seeds, overwatering your plant or harvesting too early, overfertilizing or underfertilizing your plants is a common reason why success does not occur. Especially the overfertilization of cannabis plants is one of the most common mistakes in growing. The rule here is to never start fertilizing before the first two "real" leaves of the plant are visible. In the early stages of growing, plants are extremely sensitive, especially to nutrients. Therefore, it is better to wait a little until the small seedlings are big enough. Too little fertilization, however, is also not good. This error occurs less often, but still often enough. In most cases this is because you can read on the Internet that cannabis plants should not be over-fertilized. Of course this is not wrong either, but some growers get scared and simply omit the fertilization completely. The consequence: Your plant gets too little nutrients and cannot develop completely. This means that the entire growth potential of the plant is not fully exploited.