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Cultivation Tips: The right soil

The right pot size, the right exposure and the right fertilization and the hemp grows? Let's not forget one of the most important questions: Are there own, special hemp soils? Can I simply use the soil I already have in the cellar? And what does the cannabis plant taste best?

The perfect grow soil

Similar to vegetables, the texture of the soil also influences the taste of the plant when growing hemp. In the preparation of hemp garden hemp tea, which is characterized by its special flavors, the taste "coloring" of the leaves is an essential part of the pleasure. Although hemp is an uncomplicated plant in itself, it has demands on the earth. The cannabis plant prefers a loose organic soil mixture containing various soils, rocks and nutrients. Loose soil, mixed with e.g. gravel or sand, ensures that water that the roots cannot absorb can drain away more easily and that the roots have enough oxygen - two basic factors for the well-being of the cannabis plant.

Potting soil and Co

Potting soil is normally well suited for hemp, and the slightly higher content of phosphorus, especially in flowering plant soil, also benefits the hemp plant very well. (Don't worry: This is of course also true for hemp that is not supposed to flower). However, you should get some advice in the beginning and enrich the soil with additional nutrients if necessary. If you want to take a closer look at the mixture, you can put together a balanced organic composition yourself or have it put together - for example from compost, peat, sand, stone dust, coconut fibres and soya flour. Optional ingredients such as worm composting or sweet lime are not a must, but enrich the soil with trace elements and improve its overall quality. If you grow several cuttings in parallel, you can also experiment with the composition and compare the results.

Hemp needs good soil

Beginners should avoid the renunciation of good soil, in order to "see if something comes out of it". With normal garden soil or house plant soil one can do something wrong and nip the growth success of the hemp cutting proverbially already in the germ. If it grows thin and weak and hardly produces any leaves, you will not enjoy your plant very much. If you have already used your hemp plants and they don't really want to grow despite care and attention, they don't necessarily have to be repotted right away - although this may be an option. First of all, you can get a professional opinion (for example, we will be happy to advise you in hemp gardening) and fertilize the soil accordingly. For the next larger pot size, it is worth investing in the right soil mixture from the beginning.

Buy Cannabis Soil online

In our onlineshop we have an exquisite assortment of high quality cannabis soil and grow soil for you. Online you can find the Lightmix and the Growmix from Plagron as well as coconut soil in different variations.