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Cannabis cultivation is in the open air due to wind and weather for fresh air. However, since there is no fresh air supply in a closed room, good cannabis ventilation is a must. Adequate cannabis ventilation should provide the plant with valuable CO2 values and thus ensure a healthy and successful cultivation. So the secret behind successful cultivation is good cannabis ventilation.

Why is cannabis aeration so important?

Optimized air quality

Good quality air with sufficient oxygen is not only important for humans. The supply of fresh air is also important for plants. Good air means for cannabis sufficient carbon dioxide and no pollution. The cannabis plant needs carbon dioxide from the air to grow. The higher the CO2 content in the air, the faster the plant will grow. However, the increase of the CO2 content by law also has its limits. In addition, too high a concentration of CO2 can also become toxic for some plants. For this reason, cannabis aeration is very important. This way the room is sufficiently ventilated and the plant is constantly supplied with the right amount and fresh CO2. Without fresh air supply or with poor cannabis ventilation the supply of carbon dioxide is quickly depleted.
Cannabis Indoor
Ventilation Indoor Cannabis
If the carbon dioxide process is optimized by cannabis aeration, the plant can extract more sugar. The best way to do this is to combine a tube fan with an activated carbon filter. Even before the air reaches the fan, it is cleaned of most of its odor particles. The ventilator comes to the filter so that the filtered air comes out on the other side. Snail-shell ventilators are best suited for this purpose and cause hardly any noise.

The right temperature and humidity

The temperature and relative humidity of the room and the dissipation of heat also play an important role in cannabis cultivation. Lamps generate excess heat which is dissipated by a cannabis ventilation system. If the temperature through the lamps is too high, important parameters are negatively affected. Warm air absorbs more moisture, which reduces the humidity. If the temperature is too hot, the plants would dry out quickly and their growth would be extremely restricted. In addition, the essential oils evaporate, which can give the harvest a hay taste afterwards. This could happen at temperatures as low as 28 degrees.
The ideal temperature is between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius so that the hemp plant can grow. The cannabis plant stops growing below 10 degrees Celsius, while at temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius it can be attacked by mold or infection. Cannabis ventilation regulates the humidity of the room. The cannabis plants release water into the air through the leaves, which increases the humidity. If the humidity is above 70%, the plant becomes too moist for the plant, which creates the risk of mould.

Air distribution 

There must not be a hotspot directly under the light - instead, the air must be distributed inside. A light breeze through the cannabis aeration every now and then will help the plant to form a strong stem and denser foliage.

Barely noticeable smell

Another advantage of a good cannabis ventilation with an activated carbon filter is that the smell of the hemp plant is much less noticeable. This eliminates a lot of inconvenience.

What types of cannabis aeration are there?

Cannabis aeration can be divided into manual and electric:

Manuelle Cannabis

Ventilation Manual cannabis ventilation is when the plants are ventilated by opening doors or windows. However, this type of cannabis ventilation can only be used if the cannabis cultivation is small. In this case the door or window is opened for a certain period of time so that the plants have access to fresh air. A stale smell is a sign that it is time to air. However, this type of cannabis ventilation is unreliable.

Electric Cannabis Ventilation

In contrast, an electrically operated cannabis ventilation system provides a constant supply of fresh air. The electric cannabis ventilation types range from a simple hair dryer to industrial fans. Which cannabis ventilation is the right one depends on the number of plants and the room size. Large growing rooms usually require a ventilation system. For large growing rooms an exhaust fan is suitable, while for small growing rooms a PC fan is sufficient.