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  1. Spring Edition CBD flowers
    Spring Edition CBD flowers
    from €9.00 for 1 g
  2. Akashic Nebula CBD flowers by T-Ser
    Akashic Nebula CBD flowers by T-Ser
    from €9.95 for 1 g
  3. Gelato CBG Premium Blüten
    Gelato CBG Premium Blüten
    from €7.00 for 1 g | €8.00
  4. Ice Rocks Premium CBD flowers
    Ice Rocks Premium CBD flowers
    from €12.00 for 1 g
  5. Moroccan hash
    Moroccan hash
    from €11.00 for 1 g
  6. Gift set Lifestyle
    Gift set Lifestyle
    Special Price €69.90 Regular Price €75.90
  7. Zkittlez Premium CBD flowers
    Zkittlez Premium CBD flowers
    from €9.00 for 1 g
  8. Zkittlez Bigpack Premium CBD Buds
    Zkittlez Bigpack Premium CBD Buds
    Special Price €225.00 Regular Price €249.90 As low as €190.00
  9. Vanilla Kush Premium Flowers
    Vanilla Kush Premium Flowers
    from €8.00 for 1 g
  10. Blueberry OG Premium Flowers
    Blueberry OG Premium Flowers
    from €8.00 for 1 g
  11. Nepal cream hash
    Nepal cream hash
    from €11.00 for 1 g
  12. White Widow Premium Flowers
    White Widow Premium Flowers
    from €8.00 for 1 g
  13. Lemon Haze CBD flowers
    Lemon Haze CBD flowers
    from €8.00 for 1 g
  14. Purple Haze Premium Flowers
    Purple Haze Premium Flowers
    from €8.00 for 1 g
  15. CBD flowers fine cut
    CBD flowers fine cut
    As low as €100.00
  16. CBD Buds Bigpack
    CBD Buds Bigpack
    €4.00 / 1 g
  17. Tropical Haze Outdoor CBD flowers
    Tropical Haze Outdoor CBD flowers
    from €7.00 for 1 g
  18. Flowery Kush CBD aromatic resin
    Flowery Kush CBD aromatic resin
    from €8.00 for 1 g
  19. Silver Haze Premium Flowers
    Silver Haze Premium Flowers
    from €8.00 for 1 g
  20. Amnesia Haze Premium Flowers
    Amnesia Haze Premium Flowers
    from €6.60 for 1 g | €8.00
  21. Afghan black pollinator
    Afghan black pollinator
    from €8.00 for 1 g | €9.00
  22. Orange Bud Flowers
    Orange Bud Flowers
    from €8.00 for 1 g
  23. Lebanese hashish
    Lebanese hashish
    from €9.00 for 1 g
  24. CBD Hash Collection 5g - Set
    CBD Hash Collection 5g - Set
    Special Price €209.90 Regular Price €219.90
  25. Dr. Gerhard's Premium CBD Flowers
    Dr. Gerhard's Premium CBD Flowers
    from €8.00 for 1 g
  26. Tropic Thunder CBD aromatic resin
    Tropic Thunder CBD aromatic resin
    from €6.00 for 1 g | €8.00
  27. New Cheese Premium Flowers
    New Cheese Premium Flowers
    from €6.40 for 1 g | €8.00
  28. Bubblegum Premium Flowers
    Bubblegum Premium Flowers
    from €7.00 for 1 g | €8.00

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How is CBD grass obtained?

CBD grass has become more and more popular over the last years. It is obtained from CBD flowers of hemp varieties approved in the EU. The THC content of these hemp varieties is less than 0.2 percent - so they are legal. For this reason, CBD must not be classified as marijuana.
Production CBD Grass
Buy CBD Grass online

Buy high quality CBD grass online

For natural CBD products, quality is of crucial importance. Accordingly, we clearly prioritize high quality when selecting our products. Our CBD grass is exclusively a natural hemp product of high quality. Our extensive assortment includes several varieties, which vary in taste and scent. In our detailed product descriptions you can read more about the taste and origin of our CBD grass varieties. If you have any further questions or uncertainties, our expert staff will of course be happy to help you.

CBD flowers - quality is what counts

Our hemp garden CBD flowers convince by their quality and a grandiose aroma. From beginning to end the production of the plants is subject to strict regulations, using only certified EU hemp. The flowers are carefully examined by professionals for damage or other defects and are available in different varieties. In addition, our flowers can be purchased legally and freely in Austria as well as in Germany, as they do not exceed the THC limit of 0.2%. In our assortment we have indoor as well as outdoor grown varieties.
Quality Criteria CBD Flowers
Purple Haze

Popular CBD varieties

Purple Haze

Purple Haze, the rock star among flowers, is a Sativa-dominated cannabis strain that has just enough Indica parts to keep the plant flowering under 10 weeks. Cannabis connoisseurs appreciate this cannabis strain not only for its aesthetic appearance. No, fans of this strain also love the sweet smell and pleasant, almost tropical taste. But also the effect, which is mostly about euphoria and increased energy, speaks for this cannabis strain. The origin of this cannabis plant is in Thailand, which is where it got its name. Purple is associated with the Thai royal family, which makes the Purple Haze the queen of the Haze family. The first flowers of this variety came to Europe in the 80's. However, the flowers became famous mainly for their exotic purple color and special taste. Later it was found that Purple Haze is ideal for relieving anxiety, stress and pain, as the effect is fast and strong.

Amnesia flowers

Amnesia, the legendary classic among flowers, first appeared in the 90s and is now one of the most famous strains on the cannabis scene. Amnesia flowers have a special taste that only this strain can produce. The taste is usually described as lemony, spicy-tart, with the high potency of this strain ensuring a quick and equally strong onset of action. Amnesia flowers are Sativa dominant, but also contain a larger proportion of Indica genes. Amnesia flowers are suitable for aromatherapy for anxiety and stress, but this cannabis strain is also used for mood swings.
Amnesia flowers
Tropic Thunder flowers

Tropic Thunder flowers

Tropic Thunder is considered a mysterious cross, with colorful flowers and a distinct floral aroma. Consumers describe this variety as the perfect companion for the day because the effect is very pleasant and not too strong. Tropic Thunder as an aromatherapy relieves stress and is considered by customers as a mood enhancer.

Tangerine Flowers

This cannabis strain has also achieved legendary status in the cannabis scene. Tangerine flowers are Indica dominant, but also have a smaller proportion of Sativa genes. This cannabis plant was crossed from G13, Neville's A-5 Haze and Afghan. The aromatherapy effect is fast and intense, with a calming yet brightening, euphoric feeling.
Tangerine Flowers
gorilla glue flowers

Gorilla Glue (flowers and resin)

Gorilla Glue is considered a Westcoast legend and is an enormously well-known variety. The strain is dominated by Indica genes, which gives it a lot of aromatic trichomes that give it its unique sweet, lemony aroma with a nutty touch of pine nuts. The resin of these flowers is extremely sticky and the effect is strong but not oppressive. Consumers speak of pure relaxation in the application of the aroma. Beyond that Gorilla Glue is used gladly with sleep problems.

Lemon Haze

Lemon Haze is a very high quality and widespread cannabis strain. This strain is known for its unique fruity and sweet aroma. The sativa-rich Lemon Haze produces an energetic effect and is a popular strain. Lemon Haze flowers have a strong, tantalizing aroma reminiscent of fresh lemon peel, followed by a slightly earthy scent that spreads quickly throughout the room.
Lemon Haze flowers
Girl Scout flowers

Girl Scout Cookie flowers

Native to the West Coast of the United States, the Girl Scout Cookies flowers have already won countless awards in the cannabis scene. This cannabis strain is currently one of the most sought-after cannabis strains on the market. The flowers have a sweet floral aroma, which is perfectly complemented by a slightly earthy undertone. The effect of the Girl Scout Cookies flowers is described by users as blissful, euphoric and relaxing, with the aroma of this strain scoring particularly well. Girl Scout Cookies is an Indica/Sativa hybrid, with the Indicagene predominant in this strain. The calming and enlightening effect is probably also the reason why this cannabis strain is often used in aromatherapy for stress, depression or other psychological complaints.

Orange Bud flowers

Orange Bud flowers - the flashy classic from the 80's, is one of the sativa-dominated cannabis strains and got its name from its lemony aroma. The special taste of the Orange Bud flowers is in the aroma alternation between nectarines and oranges. Especially consumers who don't want to become a couch potato appreciate this cannabis variety very much because of its stimulating effect in aromatherapy. Experience reports according to orange Bud blooms are to lindern for example headache.
Orange Bud Flowers
Lebanese hashish flowers

Lebanese hashish flowers

As the name suggests, the Lebanese originally comes from Lebanon. Due to the "war against drugs", the flowers can hardly be found in Lebanon. Flowers or hashish of the Lebanese variety naturally have a very high CBD content and have a calming effect, clearing the mind. The Lebanese is dominated by Indica genes and has a spicy aroma reminiscent of cedar or pine. The Lebanese is often used for sleep problems.