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Gift set for connoisseurs

Hemp on the heart, if this set does not make the connoisseur's heart beat faster!

Finest Austrian beekeeper honey from Cannabee, which combines the beneficial properties of hemp and honey in the most delicious way. VAAY's Hemp Gums are not just for nibbling, as they also cover the recommended daily allowance of vitamins B6 and B12. Our F4.20 organic hemp seeds are considered to be the absolute superfood. As a nutrient-rich topping, they add the finishing touch to your breakfast bowl, smoothie or salad. But you can also enjoy them as a healthy snack for in between. Hemp seeds go everywhere and always! The heart is definitely the specially created Hemp Garden Praline from the Zotter Chocolate Manufacture. It seduces with a nutty taste of hemp nougat and caramelized hemp seeds. This combination with a thin layer of white coconut couverture, coated with dark chocolate makes it a real taste experience! But to make sure that everyone can enjoy our hemp chocolate, it is free of gluten, alcohol and lactose and even 100% vegan.

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