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With the Homebox grow box and the right accessories, you have everything you need for your indoor garden.

The mylar coating in your growbox gives you a high degree of reflection, so that the light can spread optimally. Made of very robust material, it is accordingly durable and thanks to the stability rods you can securely and easily attach your complete equipment in your grow box and expand it if necessary.

Through the air inlet and outlet openings, you can connect the CAN-Lite 300 filter and CAN-Fan RK 125 exhaust fan included in the set with the Phonic Trap 127mm insulating hose to ensure clean air in your indoor garden at all times. This exhaust system is easy to install with the supplied hose clamps and thanks to the powerful CAN-Fan RK 125 it is also very efficient and quiet.

Other set accessories are, for example, the Monkey Fan with which your plants get the necessary air movement and the hygrometer which shows you the temperature and humidity in order to create the perfect climate for your plants. The timer allows you to create an equal light cycle for your plants to give them their daily dose of light.


The lighting is not included in the set.


We recommend without obligation:

1x Sanlight Q3W 120Watt

1x Sodium/Halogen 250W lighting set

As these will give you the best light output for your plants to thrive and grow.


Accessories included in the set:


- Homebox Ambient Q60 Plus

- Can Fan RK 125

- Can Fan power cable

- Can Lite 300 125mm

- PhonicTrap 127mm/3m 

- ProHanger XL Pack

- Monkey Fan

- Timer

- Hygrometer


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