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With the right equipment straight to success

In order to achieve optimal results, it is important to have a certain amount of basic grow equipment. In our Weed Shop we offer you a wide range of different articles, so there is something for everyone. The grow equipment in our store creates the best conditions for a successful cultivation and is of course based on a high quality standard. For this we offer:
Grow Equipment
hemp seeds

Hemp seeds

When it comes to growing hemp plants, choosing the right seeds is probably one of the most important decisions a grower has to make. And to make this decision easier for you, we offer in our Weed Shop a selection of the best cannabis seeds with high quality genetic material.

Hemp plants

However, if you would like to avoid this with the breeding to save a little time, you can also get already grown hemp plants in our Weed Shop. You can grow them indoor with artificial lighting or outdoor with natural light.
Hemp plants
Hemp cuttings

Hemp cuttings

Our hemp cuttings are sections of a mother plant from which a new cannabis plant grows. The cuttings are therefore quasi clones of the respective mother plant and therefore bring the same quality with them.


A good growbox is the heart of every indoor grower. And in our Weedshop you will find exactly this heart. Your plants will spend their entire life cycle in such a box. From the seed to the harvest. A growbox guarantees discretion, perfect lighting conditions and an excellent harvest.

Cannabis Earth

A good soil forms the basis for your cannabis grow. This is where the roots are formed, where your plant grows and thrives and where the plant gets its nutrients. Therefore it is important to use good quality soil. In our Weed Shop you will find soil that is especially suitable for growing cannabis plants.

Grow lighting

The right lighting is essential for indoor growing. But as important as this point is, it is also complex. The right lighting is important because a cannabis plant can only form new cells with the right light.

Cannabis plant pots

This aspect is often underestimated when growing cannabis plants. However, the right plant pot plays an important role. Because cannabis plants form long roots that need sufficient space. If the pot is too small, the roots cannot develop properly, which means that they cannot supply the cannabis plant with sufficient nutrients.

Cannabis Aeration

Especially when growing indoor, it is essential to make sure that you provide your cannabis plant with enough fresh air. The right ventilation system is therefore essential. Only by getting enough carbon dioxide (CO2) out of the air, the plants are able to do their photosynthesis.

Cannabis fertilizer

Cannabis fertilizer additionally provides your plants with important nutrients. However, it is important to note that not every type of fertilizer is suitable for cannabis plants. Depending on the type of soil you use, you must also choose the right fertilizer.

Knowledge is power!

If you have decided to grow your own cannabis plants, there is a lot of knowledge you should acquire. A cannabis plant is not a palm tree that you put in a corner and give a little water every now and then. A cannabis plant needs a lot of care and know-how.
These are the most important points:
  • the right choice of the seed
  • use high quality soil
  • Use fertilizer or booster
  • take care of the right ventilation system
  • provide the plant with sufficient light & make sure the temperature is right
  • keep an eye on the humidity
  • find out enough about how to handle the flowers correctly.