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Pleasantly mild tea blends for connoisseurs

If you want to make a hemp tea, you have at least two options. Either you get a cheeky hemp plant from our store and let it move in with you - then you can always pluck a few leaves and make a fine tea out of them. Or you simply buy our tasty hemp tea here. Our tea blends not only inspire with hemp, but also with other fine ingredients, such as delicious fruit pieces and berry leaves.
Hemp leaf tea
hemp tea

What is contained in our hemp tea?

Hemp tea is made from fibre hemp, therefore the tea does not contain any illegal substances, but it exudes a strong smell of pure hemp. In taste the tea alone is rather strong, but becomes milder when the other tea leaves contained in the blend are added. For the hemp tea, we use only selected, healthy plants that have been able to grow to full maturity under ideal light and heat conditions. We constantly monitor the quality of our tea leaves. Only the strongest aromatic leaves make it into the blend to guarantee a full-bodied taste.

Preparation of a cup of hemp tea

Hemp tea can be brewed like a conventional herbal tea. The tea mixture can be hung directly into the cup in our hemp tea bag and poured over with water that is no longer boiling. After 3 to 5 minutes the tea will have fully unfolded in all its facets. Hemp lovers also swear by a little milk in the cup to fully develop the aromas. The tea can also be sweetened. Our blends are also suitable for experimenting with other spices.

Mixtures with herbs

Tea from pure hemp leaves develops a taste not dissimilar to green tea. In order to add a fruity note to the tea and to create our own flowery bouquet, we have created a large assortment of tea blends with different fruits and herbs. For the blends we use untreated leaves of berries, fruit trees and medicinal plants. Especially mild is our blend "Ratberta" with hemp, raspberry leaves, apple mint and marigold. For those who like it a little bit more fruity, the "Hannedore" mixture of hemp, raspberry leaves, apple pieces, rose hip and hibiscus is the right choice. Undecided tea lovers try our teas without risk via the tea box with 4 kinds of tea in tins and a package of hemp tea bags. The tea box is delivered in a shapely wooden box. Hanfgarten Tip: Herbal tea is alkaline and therefore particularly easy to digest - at any time of the day.

Hemp tea homemade

If you order your hemp tea directly from the hemp garden, it is of course easy and quick to brew. Simply pour boiling water over one or two large pinches (or heaped teaspoons) per cup, let it steep, and you're done. If you already have a hemp plant at home and pick your tea right before you enjoy it, simply cut off two or three well-formed leaves from your plant - provided it already has enough "offspring"! - and gently cut or tear them into smaller pieces. The reason for this is that by breaking the plant fibers, more liquid and thus more flavor and effect will get into your tea water.

Dry and enjoy

You can also dry the leaves beforehand, for example on a tea towel or piece of kitchen roll which you put on the heater. Spread the leaves on it and let them dry for 24 to 48 hours. Then you can use them right away, or crumble them up and store them in a tea tin. This method is especially recommended if you already have several plants at home and want to prepare larger quantities of tea, or if you mix your hemp leaves with other dried herbs. And how does it actually taste, this hemp tea? Most likely like a fine balanced herbal tea. So if you are already an enthusiastic herbal tea drinker, you will certainly enjoy the hemp tea blends from the hemp garden, or of course your own creations. And if you usually drink mainly "English Breakfast" or green tea, try something new! Herbal tea is alkaline and therefore particularly easy to digest - at any time of day.