What to do with erectile dysfunction? Can CBD help?

An Italian study by the Universita Vita-Salute San Raffaele has shown that one in four men under the age of 40 already suffers from a sexual disorder. So it is not as rare as some may think that the erection suddenly diminishes or even fails to occur at all. In the following guidebook we therefore deal with the topic of erectile dysfunction, how it develops and how it can be treated at present. We would also like to give you more tips against erectile dysfunction and thus for a healthy sex life.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction, also known medically as "erectile dysfunction", is the limited ability to get or maintain an erection of the penis. The dysfunction is commonly referred to as impotence or erectile impotence. However, a distinction should be made between erectile dysfunction and infertility.

Sexual dysfunction can occur in all age groups, but due to increasing risk factors, it usually increases with age. Erectile dysfunction is also increasingly found in young men, this can be due to psychological stress, smoking or regular consumption of drugs and alcohol. An early visit to the urologist is very important, because the earlier the disorders are diagnosed, the better they can be treated. Erectile dysfunction can also be the first sign of a previously undetected diabetes or heart disease. If symptoms occur, it is therefore essential to consult a specialist.

Causes for erectile dysfunction

Nerves, blood vessels, psyche and hormones play important roles in the development of an erection. The factors that can have a negative effect on erectile function are as varied as the complex interplay during its development.


Especially psychological problems can have a negative influence on your love life. These include depression and anxiety:


Erectile dysfunction can be caused by several factors. In case of complaints, therefore, risk factors of undiagnosed diseases should be searched for in order to recognize and treat them at an early stage.

These risk factors, which can promote erectile dysfunction, include

  • AGE

The endocannabinoid system reacts to sexual activity

Every person has an endocannabinoid system in the body. Endocannabinoids are cannabinoids that the organism produces by itself. The endocannabinoid system can therefore be understood as a complex network of neurochemical signalling pathways in the brain, the central nervous system and the peripheral organs. If this area is stimulated by cannabinoids from the cannabis plant, numerous positive effects on the body can be observed.

That the endocannabinoid system also plays a key role in the human sexual response was demonstrated by scientists in an experiment published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. The experiment examined the ecocannabinoid levels of healthy female and male subjects before and after masturbation up to orgasm.

It turned out that the endocannabonoid 2-AG (2-arachidonoylglycerol) had increased after the orgasm of the study participants. This suggests that the body can also be manipulated when cannabis is ingested and this chemical reward reaction can be mimicked.

Does CBD help with erectile dysfunction?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an active substance of the cannabis plant and, unlike the well-known THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), is not psychoactive - when used it does not lead to an intoxicating state of consciousness and does not make you high.

Due to its numerous benefits, CBD is used in a wide variety of applications today. The medical benefits of CBD have therefore become more and more popular in recent years. CBD has also been studied in the treatment of sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction. How CBD can be effective in erectile dysfunction is explained in the following section.

CBD to reduce stress and anxiety

Anxiety and stress are real erection killers. When an erection occurs, the body starts processes in which the nervous system, numerous muscles, an increased blood flow and hormones work together.

However, fear and stress can have a significant influence on this process, in which the brain's message transmission is inhibited. This should actually give the command that the increased blood flow should go in the direction of the penis. According to studies, CBD is said to have a calming, stress-relieving and anxiety-reducing effect and to be able to treat these symptoms naturally.

Stress affects the release of sex hormones and reduces libido over time.

Can CBD improve the libido?

Many people know the problem that the body does not react properly when you want to have sex. In the long run, these complaints can not only become a burden for the person concerned, but also have negative effects on the sex life and partnership.

Scientifically not proven it is believed that taking CBD will stimulate the release of sex hormones, these help to get into the mood.

CBD can fight inflammation?

Among experts, inflammation is also considered a reason for reduced sex drive and associated erectile dysfunction. If our organism suffers from an inflammation, the immune system tries to attack it with white blood cells.

People who suffer from chronic inflammation not only often struggle with pain, but also with circulatory problems. This can be a real burden, especially for men, because the circulatory disorders can cause erectile dysfunction. The man can then no longer maintain the erection properly or does not get one at all.

Scientific studies on CBD are concerned with the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD and how it can relieve inflammation and the pain it causes - thus, triggers for erectile dysfunction could also be eliminated.

Can CBD relieve pain?

For many people, pain is the main reason why sexual desire disappears. In order not to let their love life suffer too much, many affected people quickly turn to conventional medication, which promises immediate relief.

More and more affected people therefore try to fall back on natural, herbal active ingredients. CBD has already been investigated in connection with pain treatment. The pain-relieving effect of CBD has been investigated in numerous studies.

Theoretically, according to the study results, CBD could be used to treat pain and associated erectile dysfunction. In our article "CBD in chronic pain?" you will find more information on this topic.

Does CBD promote communication and creativity?

The sexual desire of a person is regulated by the sexual inhibition system (SIS) and the sexual arousal system (SES). If the interaction between these two systems is successful, many people describe it as "being in the mood" - one feels like being sexually active. While the SIS aims to inhibit the desire for sex, the SES aims to promote this desire.

Improved communication and intimacy are thus influenced by desire, which is why the activation of the sexual inhibition system should be reduced. The inhibitory properties of the SIS are actually increased by stress and the sexual arousal system cannot assert itself.

As I got older, erectile dysfunction came along with it, which put a lot of strain on my partnership. However, I wanted to do without medication. Michael W.

5 useful tips against erectile dysfunction

In addition to CBD treatment, we would like to give you more tips on how to treat erectile dysfunction.

1. ginger tea

Especially before resorting to medication, one should try to treat the symptoms with home remedies. Ginger tea, for example, can stimulate the blood circulation of the pelvic organs.

2. communication in the relationship

Understandably, erectile dysfunction has an impact on love life and a partnership. Nevertheless, men affected by erectile dysfunction should definitely talk to their partner about it in order to solve the problem together. If the symptoms are not discussed, both sides can only make assumptions and misunderstandings and mistrust can develop.

3. pelvic floor muscle training

This training exercise is said to work wonders by not only preventing premature orgasm, but also helping against erectile dysfunction.

If you exhaust yourself during training, this reduces the production of sex hormones. Although endorphins are released, which create a feeling of intoxication, they inhibit arousal.

If nothing could really help against erectile dysfunction, one should consider seeking therapy with a psychotherapist. If the erectile dysfunction is psychological, it may help to talk to a doctor about the possible causes to get a grip on it.