Mounting tips: These plants get along

Whether on the balcony or in the backyard: there is little that makes plant lovers as happy as a small garden of their own. We will tell you which plants go well with hemp plants and in which relationships even both sides benefit. Since the hemp plant is a social plant, it is basically compatible with most other balcony plants. Ideal are of course bed comrades who have similar demands in terms of light and water. Therefore, for example, different varieties of tomatoes, peppers or chillies are suitable. These fruits love a lot of light and also need a lot of water, especially in the hot season. Other vegetable plants such as cabbage or potatoes profit in a completely different way from your hemp plant: It keeps pests such as the potato beetle or the cabbage white butterfly at bay. (In this article you will learn even more about cannabis as a pesticide.) This results in an excellent symbiosis in the balcony tank or in the communal bed behind the house.


Also herbs of all kinds or certain ornamental plants go well with hemp. What could be better than mixing your hemp tea leaves with mint or marigold fresh from the balcony bed? These herbs go well with the hemp cuttings and also spread a wonderful aroma. In addition, they don't grow as tall and bushy as tomato plants, for example, so they don't rob your hemp plant of light. An alternative are fragrant ornamental plants like lavender or kitchen herbs like basil. In your private herb garden, you can plant hemp without hesitation anyway - it also gets along splendidly with parsley, chives, lovage and other popular balcony herbs. Besides, these have the great advantage that they protect your hemp plant. The smell of lavender is said to drive away aphids, and sage, thyme or chervil are said to keep snails away from your allotment garden. A little tip: If your plant really does have lice, you can add a little coffee brew to its drinking water. Just don't get the idea of taking it back to the apartment to cure it! Nothing helps better against aphid infestation than the natural beneficial ladybird.


Also balcony flowers are beautiful partners for hemp. Pelargoniums, daisies, hydrangeas and co. not only look pretty, but also attract other beneficial insects such as bees or butterflies thanks to their bright colours. If you want something to bloom in winter, you need to plant your balcony all year round - for example, ornamental perennials such as the bow-tie flower, or tubers such as crocus and snowdrops. In the vegetable patch you can plant natural hardy varieties such as cabbage, turnips or garlic. Very important when you move your hemp plant to an open-air shrub garden in the summer, is and remains of course the lighting: remember that the plant must have at least 18 hours of light per day to prevent it from flowering. On the balcony you can help yourself with solar lights (remember to test them beforehand to make sure they are weatherproof and bright enough!), and a hemp plant in the garden is best brought back into the house as soon as the days get shorter.