Edibles - Cannabis for eating

Cannabis products can help with many complaints. Not least because of this they were probably found in every medicine chest in the 19th century. However, after years of cannabis prohibition the world rediscovered the benefits of the potent plant.

However, the question now arises as to which way of taking up cannabis offers the most benefits. Smoking cannabis flowers is still the best known form of consumption, but it does involve some risks, including damage to the lungs. As an alternative, so-called Edibles are becoming increasingly established. What these are, what advantages they bring and what you have to pay attention to - these and more questions will be answered in the following article.

What are Cannabis Edibles?

Cannabis Edibles or just Edibles are food or drinks to which cannabis has been added. When it comes to the possible types of food, there is almost no limit. The corresponding German term would be "Hanfzubereitung" or "Kochen mit Hanf" (cooking with hemp), but the term Edibles has also become established in the German-speaking world. But before taking them orally, it is important to know how the Edibles work or are produced correctly and how they can affect the consumer.

What types of Cannabis Edibles are there?

The obligatory "Space Cake" is probably the most popular and best known form of Edibles. This includes all kinds of cookies and cakes that are baked and processed through the gastrointestinal tract. Cannabis brownies and biscuits are not only very popular for sale, but are often made by the consumers themselves. This is because the production is not really witchcraft as long as you follow a few important rules. Furthermore, the taste of cannabis is largely hidden by the food's own aroma.

In addition, there are sublingual edibles such as lollipops or sweets, which, although they do not have an immediate effect either, nevertheless act faster than brownies and similar types of edibles. This is because the ingredients are released directly into the mouth and reach the bloodstream faster via the tissues. With this type of Cannabis Edibles the

Efficiency of the recording somewhat more difficult. However, efficiency depends not only on the technology, but also on the composition of the food.

Sublingual edibles are for example hemp lollipops or sweets
Sublingual Edibles

What are the advantages?

The inclusion of cannabis in the form of Edibles has some advantages:

For one thing, cannabis edibles are more discreet than smoking, for example. When someone smokes cannabis, it is usually very noticeable because CBD flowers release an intense aroma when they burn. Cannabis Edibles, however, look like ordinary food and can be consumed anywhere without attracting attention.

A further advantage is that smoking can be avoided, thus protecting the lungs.

Those who take cannabis in the form of Edibles also have a wide range of options to choose from. Different sweets, foods, drinks and medical pastilles are possible.

By taking cannabis orally, the dosage can be precisely controlled. Especially if the Cannabis Edibles has been prepared by yourself, it can be dosed by a precise number of drops or sprays.

This is also the next advantage of Cannabis Edibles. By a precise dosage the duration of effect can be estimated well. Furthermore, Edibles always work after the same time (about 1 to 1 ½ hours), which makes it easier to plan the intake and effect.

The large selection of cannabis food offers something for everyone. The products sometimes taste even better than traditional food without cannabis.

The last and probably most important advantage over smoking is the fact that when you cook or bake, all the ingredients of the material remain intact, provided you adhere to the temperature specifications. Smoking, on the other hand, burns most of the ingredients, which means that not much of the valuable substances are left over in terms of health.

What should one pay attention to when eating hemp?

Indeed, it is important to note that the spectrum of effects of cannabis is very individual and diverse. Some people feel no or very little of the effect, while others notice after only half an hour that something is happening. Be it that the CBD contained in cannabis makes the mind calm or even pain simply disappears.

In addition, Cannabis Edibles has a very different effect on users. Edibles have a much stronger and more intense effect on the body. This is simply because in Edibles all the ingredients are retained and even intensified by the right temperature during cooking and baking. Keyword: decarboxylation.

In addition, Cannabis Edibles differs from other types of ingestion in the onset and duration of effects. Unlike smoking, the effects of cannabis in food are not immediately noticeable. It can sometimes take several hours before a Cannabis Edible shows its effect, because the ingested substance has to be digested first for the active ingredient to take effect.

This can be an advantage, but also a disadvantage. The disadvantage is that the user often takes a larger amount of food or drink mixed with cannabis.

However, the effects of Cannabis Edibles also last longer, making the treats particularly suitable for patients suffering from chronic pain, for example. The timing of the effect can usually be calculated exactly. This makes it easy to calculate the desired effect and to plan exactly.

Why is the decarboxylation of the flowers so important?

The substances converted in the liver are, as already mentioned, excreted via the kidneys and thus the urine. The kidney is therefore also considered the main organ for excretion when it comes to transporting toxins to the outside. However, only small molecules are excreted via the kidneys, whereas large substances are transferred to the intestines via the bile and subsequently excreted.

The kidney is also responsible for purifying our blood. However, if this is no longer possible, patients have to undergo dialysis to have their blood cleaned manually. The acid-base balance is also controlled by the kidney.