Marijuana, cannabis, ganja: Which is which?

There are so many terms for one and the same thing. Or are there? What is the small or big difference? Here are the most important terms at a glance:


This is in and of itself only the Latin term for "hemp". Nevertheless, cannabis is very often used as a synonym for THC-containing hemp plants.


This is the name given to the dried flowers of the female hemp plant. On the fine glandular hairs of the flowers is the "resin", which in turn contains THC, cannabidiol (CBD) and other cannabinoids.


The term probably comes from Sanskrit and simply means "hemp". The term ganja (instead of marijuana) is mainly used in Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean.


Weed simply means "weed" in English. However, it usually refers to marijuana - even in German-speaking countries. 😉


By grass, many also understand "marijuana". The synonym probably originated in the same way as its German brother "Weed".


This term comes from the Spanish: "sin semilla" means "without seeds". This again means the female, unpollinated flowers. "Sinsemilla" is created by separating the female and male plants as early as possible.


Less "flowery" than marijuana is hashish. This is because it is obtained from the pressed "resin" of the hemp plant, i.e. mainly the flowers. The colour of hashish can range from light grey to brown and deep black. Note: No matter if ganja or marijuana, hashish or grass. No matter what you call it: everything in this country falls under the category of "drug" and is therefore illegal. Hemp plants, on the other hand, are completely legal - as long as you don't make them bloom. The freshest cuttings are available here.