Yeah, right, just for show!

Whoever uses hemp as a decorative indoor plant is not taken seriously. But why? The shape of the leaves is very special and the taste, which is perceived as beautiful, can be disputed. Not everyone has to like purple orchids. So there is nothing wrong with hemp as an ornamental plant. Or is there? Yes, there are people who think that hemp is an ornament. And if you throw all prejudices overboard, and look at the plant subjectively, you can certainly get something out of this opinion. Only the somewhat strong-smelling blossom could dampen the joy about the new green room decoration. But since it is officially forbidden in Austria to make a hemp plant bloom, the whole thing can be put into perspective. So if you keep your hemp only as an ornamental plant or as a tea plant, you are on the legal side - and without any odour nuisance!


In order to avoid the sometimes somewhat obtrusive smell of hemp, the clever gardener could of course rely on commercial hemp with a THC content of less than 0.3%. The only problem is that hemp plants of this kind can reach a height of up to 8 meters. Even in old apartments, one quickly reaches the limits of what is possible. On the other hand, these plants are an option outdoors because of their height, for example as a privacy screen. Also other hemp species become relatively large. However, this can be counteracted in various ways: small pot size, no fertilizer, close to light source, good ventilation. Nevertheless: Even useful hemp that flowers smells like its more THC-containing relatives.


The advantage of hemp is that it is relatively easy to care for compared to other plants. However, if the light conditions are not right and the hemp gets too little of it, it starts to "asparagize". This means: it becomes very long and thin and also develops only a few leaves - then the ornamentation is over. So if the plant is not outdoors or directly in the sun, you should help yourself with appropriate lamps. If the hemp is well supplied with light, it will grow until it reaches its limits due to the size of the pot with its roots. Also, the plant will only start flowering if it receives less than 18 hours of daylight. By the way, mosquitoes and all kinds of other insects don't like the smell of the cannabis plants. All the more reason to bring them into your room or even onto your balcony.


But if you don't just want to enjoy the original appearance of the hemp, you can also harvest its leaves - completely legally - and make a delicious and fresh tea from them. Together with lemon balm and mint, cannabis would also make a good kitchen plant. In addition, a seductively smelling cup of hemp-mint balm tea can convince sceptical visitors of the purely aesthetic-delicate intention and instead of unpleasant consequences, one might end up harvesting not only leaves but also agreeing nods. What you do with your hemp plant is of course entirely up to you ... If you still have questions about the cultivation of your cuttings, we are happy to help you with insider tips and tricks!